terça-feira, 27 de março de 2012

Deadmen Can't Walk

I walk... But a zombie can walk too. I need to know all the answers, but i don't have any questions. I'm hungry, but I don't have a freaking stomach. I'm just already dead but I haven't figure out. Walking... Walking... Walking... Where I need to go? Why I'm going back to begining if I just want to keep following my life? I swear I want that... I swear! But I can't... Look's like a powerfull fucking energy bringing me to her again, and again, and again! I feel like a fucking toy, incapable to do anything, just follow the song played by God.

That is too much to feel, too much to think, too much to live, too much to drink... I'm drunk... Again... I guess it's just another knowlegde to my life. I need to keep walking, even if I took round and round until it makes me sick and fall in the ground. I'll know I tried. Walking and fall... Walking and fall... Walking and fall... One day I'll catch it! One day... Until that, I'm just a man walking around: hopeless, fateless, mindless, 'faithless'... But deadmen can't walk, and I walk; so I'm not dead, I'm just lost in life... Trying to find my way, but my way is true? I'll keep walking...

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